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32GB RAM - Intel 9 Nvidia GTX 1650 - Steam Arcade Machine  arcadream ® Steam Gaming Machines - Great Graphics. Great Games.

arcadream ® Steam Machines - Great Graphics. Great Games.

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.. or build yours with our DIY arcade machine kit !

arcadream ® is the arcade machine designed to enjoy the best of modern gaming. It is a high-end Windows 10 PC based gaming machine that's better and faster than the others.

Want the best of modern gaming ? We have built the perfect machine for anyone who wants to give it a go on top of playing the best retro games of the 80s and 90s.

Watch out for SUPER DEALS on arcade machines and DIY kits for PC, Xbox and PS4 during the Kickstarter Campaign! It's happening now :
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We mix Xbox, Playstation and Arcade Machines!

 Play Battle Royale, FPS and Third Person Shooter games on arcadream ® Arcade Machine We bring Battle Royale, FPS and Third Person Shooter video games to arcade machines.

If you are already familiar with the latest online games, you know how exciting it is to enter a Battle Royale in Call of Duty, Apex Legends or Fortnite. Play these games with a joystick and a trackball to perform even better.

 Vintage design with chrome plated control panel, tinted wood, joystick, light buttons and trackball. Vintage design with chrome plated control panel, tinted wood, joystick, light buttons and trackball.

Looking for a high-end arcade machine that supports the latest games ? Get arcadream ® , the Next Gen arcade machine that comes with Tutorials.

It's easy to get hold of a new game with a bit of help. Our machines come with a secondary screen so that you can keep the game instructions in front of you as you play.

 Control panel mapping for Grand Theft Auto V. We make the most complicated game easy for everyone.

GTA V is a perfect example of a game that's easy to play if only you know which button to hit.

If you are a newbie, arcadream ® and its secondary screen displaying tutorials while you're playing is the easiest way to get up to speed with any game !  RPG arcade machine tutorial (GTA5) RPG tutorial is displayed on arcade machine's secondary screen.

Easily add more games to your library :

If you're not familiar with the most recent video-games and feel you are missing out on something great, you are probably right. There is a reason why the latest action games are so popular with a whole generation of gamers : They are simply very well made products.

We build arcade cabinets and make tutorials for all kinds of games from Role Playing Games like Grand Theft Auto V to Racing games like World Rally Championship.

We know that the people who use our arcade machines fancy a wide range of games so we also look into science fiction games, or fight games like Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Kombat - the old versions as well as the latest releases.

Pro tips to outperform

Show off with your pro tips ! We will publish the best of them in our tutorial Pro Tips section.

Make your arcade cabinet look as good as your interior !

Because they are fully customisable, our arcade machines are guaranteed to fit aesthetically in your business or your home.

Go for the arcadream Slim if you don't have much space, it is so slim that it will fit virtually anywhere.

The best is yet to come :

Bookmark this page to get our progress on reviewing the next releases : Hitman 3, Resident Evil Village, Far Cry 6, Lego Star Wars, Halo Infinite

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