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32GB RAM - Intel 9 Nvidia GTX 1650 - Steam Arcade Machine

arcadream ® Kickstarter Campaign - Arcade Machines and DIY kits

 Kickstarter - Steam Arcade Machine Nvidia 32 GB

Powerful 32GB RAM Nvidia GPU Steam Arcade Machine - two times faster than a PS5 and 4 times faster than a PS4. We also make cool DIY kits to make your own arcade machine.

Come and join this campaign, it's just started. Launched Feb 15.

Turn your PC, Xbox or PlayStation into an arcade machine. Sign up here to get notified :

Sign up here to get notified :

Watch out for SUPER DEALS on arcade machines and DIY kits for PC, Xbox and PS4! To make sure arcadream ® KICKSTARTER campaign is a real success, we will be coming with never seen before deals that no one can beat !

As always on Kickstarter the first ones in get the best deals so make sure to get notified when the campaign starts.

The DIY kits with chrome control panels, marquee and real size plans to build your own arcade cabinet will be delivered worldwide at the end of this 30 days campaign.

Get our Gaming Hardware on Kickstarter !

Make sure to show up for this event especially if you've got a PC , Xbox One , Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 or PS4 that you want to turn in a bartop or a full size arcade machine.

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 Kickstarter - Arcade Machines - DIY kits for PC, Xbox or PlayStation
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