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Starts on February 16 - morning NY time ! Be ready, get notified :

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arcadream ® is about mixing Xbox, PS4 & PC Games with Arcade Machines. Rewards of all kinds ! Scheduled to start early on Tuesday US time. Some offers expire on Feb 18th.

Worldwide Delivery for the DIY package deals. Delivery to France, Europe and UK only for full size arcade machines.

Starts in 2 days as of Feb 14th 2021.

Everything you need to know : Above is the YouTube video presentation in English (full version)

There will be super rewards including arcade machines and DIY kits for PC, Xbox and PS4! They will be in relatively small quantity so be sure to get in the campaign early.

As always on Kickstarter the first ones in get the best deals so make sure to get notified when the campaign starts.

The DIY kits with chrome control panels, marquee and real size plans to build your own arcade cabinet will be delivered worldwide at the end of the campaign. Delivery prices differ with distance as you would expect.

Make sure to show up for this event especially if you've got a Xbox One , Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 or PS4 that you want to turn in a bartop or a full size arcade machine.

Tags: Multi game arcade machine. Kickstarter Games. DIY kit to make your own arcade cabinet.

Components of the PS4 DIY kit (Towards the end of the video)

The PS4 DIY kit to make your PS4 arcade machine features :

🕹️ Chrome plated control panel with 1 Joystick and 15 Buttons.

📐 Plans to cut and assemble your own Cabinet.

🔌 Front socket USB plug for 2nd Player.

💫 Translucent arcadream ® vinyl Sticker to make the Marquee.

🔆 USB powered Led strip Light.

 Kickstarter - Arcade Machines - DIY kits for PC, Xbox or PlayStation